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If this is the first time you have had one of your children take Driver's Ed, you might be a bit apprehensive - most parents are.  The best advice that we can give you is:

1.  Lead by example - show your student driver the proper way to drive.  Maintain the speed limit.  Don't roll through stop signs.  Take extra time to go anywhere with your teen.  DON'T TEXT AND DRIVE OR TALK ON MOBILE PHONE WHILE DRIVING!

2.  Allow your student driver an opportunity to drive - during each one hour driving session, our professional instructors will give your teen a list of things that they need to work on before their next driving session.  Ask your child what she needs to work on.  Encourage them to practice with you while you give them clear instructions on how to improve and constant encouragement.

3.  Communicate, Communicate, Communicate - Ask them how they did during class.  Compare notes with the report that you get back from our instructors.  Encourage your student on things that he does well.  Ask his instructor any questions that you may have about your student.

Many parents have found that a formal agreement with their teen helps to formalize the whole situation and can be referred to on a regular basis.  Here is an agreement that AAA Motor Club publishes and is available to you as a service from AAA and Hoosier Driving Academy: 

Teen Driving Agreement

There are several other great hints and tips for parents at the AAA web site.

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